In Slovenia, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises face 3 macro problems.

The biggest issues that the companies deal with:

Plačniška asistenca


Tackle the biggest issues that the majority of Slovenian companies face.

Example: “A company ordered our service and is a month late with its payment. We cannot afford such a delay, because we need to pay our bills. What are the fastest ways to get the money? What are the chances that the payment will be made in the end? What should we do and what is available to us?“

The entrepreneur would probably want to call someone who could give him a practical solution on what to do so that the nonpayer would pay his obligations ...Payment Assistance Linea Directa offers just that.

1. Factoring: If your clients want their money immediately, offer them factoring services.
2. Chain compensation: The most elegant way to settle the buyer’s debts as well as pay unpaid bills at the same time.
3. Filling an enforcement claim with the Supreme Court: Offer your buyers the service of filling the enforcement to the court free of charge, saving them the stress.
4. Filling criminal charges: Your client (the creditor) has not received payment, while the debtor has already opened a new company?

If you want to increase the satisfaction of your existing customers and attract new ones, than Comparative Assistance is the right solution for you.
How to get it?
Call +386 1 58 99 900, send an email to or simply click I wish to get payment Assistance.

I wish to get payment Assistance

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