The service that will bring your customers a true salvation, for which they will be very grateful. Read on.


How does Home Assistance work?

Home Assistance from our user’s perspective
(your client)

Advantages of Home Assistance for the user
(your client)
  • Urgent repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.
  • The most affordable, easiest, and quickest way to find the right tradesmen.
  • High degree of reliability due to constant verification of customer satisfaction with the service.

Home Assistance from our client’s perspective
(your company)

Advantages of Home Assistance for our client
(your company)
  • A unique service on the market that sets you apart from the competition.
  • It provides the increase in the value of your services and represents a good way to attract the attention of new customers
  • By integrating Home Assistance into your existing services, they will be easier to sell and you can sell more.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Home assistance is a very useful service
that will make your customers happy.

If you want to increase the satisfaction of your existing customers and attract new ones, than Home Assistance is the right solution for you. How to get it?
Call +386 5 2927 866, send an email to or simply click I wish to get Home Assistance.

I wish to get Home Assistance

Home and Comparative Assistance Terms and Conditions

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